6 Places In Your House to Look for Mold Growth

House Cleaning Madison: Six Hiding Places For Mold

Mold accumulation in the house is sneaky. It is not a shock finding mold behind the dry walls, after a wet period or in a damp house basement outside the house, but inside the house, mold is unexpected, but it will surprise you, check in these specific sections in your house, that feed mold with water and food to thrive during house cleaning Madison

  1. Chimneys


Chimneys are a favorite spot for mold growth. The chimney section host mold since the cracks collects water, organic debris, and dirt. The mold is also encouraged to grow by rusting chimneys caps, which will allow in rain drops. creating a dump environment for mold to survive

  1. The Refrigerators’ drip pan


This section under the fridge is rarely noticed, the section harbors moisture and the food spills which create dump environment facilitating mold growth. To solve this, wiping dry the pans should be a frequent ritual. The pan can also be sprayed using hydrogen peroxide mixture with water and wipe using a wet piece of cloth soaked in vinegar. Do not forget to clean and wipe dry the surface below the pan.

  1. The window sills and seals


These spaces allow condensation of water that facilitates mold thriving in these parts of the window. To always ensure the sections are free of mold, wipe the window after a heavy downpour and cover the sashes and sills. Frequently wipe dry the windows to deprive the mold their basic food.

  1. Air conditioner


This section is loved by mold due to the accumulation of dust and pollens that attracts moisture from the air. The pollen and the moist condition will attract mold growth in this section. Mold accumulation in the air conditioning unit requires removal by an expert.

To avoid moist accumulation in your house, run the AC every day for at least 10 minutes, this facilitates air circulation in the house. The warm air will dry the moisture accumulating on the surface and in the air.

  1. Moist dishes


When dishes are stacked and let free for considerable amount of time without being disturbed, mold will accumulate, courtesy of the cruddy surface. This is especially common in the dishes, which are rarely used.

This can be wiped out by, washing the dishes again. Also, wipe the cabinet where they were stored with a dry piece of cloth soaked in vinegar. Always ensure you let the dishes dry before storing them. Position them facing downward, for any water trickle down.

  1. Washing machine


The front-loading part of the machine is always moist because of the closure of the door when not in use. The state facilitates mold launching with a multiplier effect. Wipe dry the gasket before closing the door. Running hot water and chlorine mixed, when no cloth is in the machine will kill the growing mold.

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